I loved how my kids got involved in their own finances, but still left me in control of their money. It was a way for them to see their accounts grow and see the impact of their spending.
- Elayne, New Jersey (Parent)

When I looked into the website and saw all the investment, saving and goal-setting features, I was blown away... that stuff was exactly what I wanted to be able to show them
- Sarah, Pennsylvania (Parent)

I donated to Plumpy'nut because in science class we learned how our bodies need essential nutrients, and Plumpy'nut is a good way to get those nutrients to kids in need.
- S.F. from Illinois (Child)

My children need to start getting in allowance so that they would learn how to handle, own, save and grow money. Thanks ThreeJars!
- Emily, Maryland (Parent)

Your organization and tracking system is awesome. We don't really live in a cash society and I liked teaching my kids the concept of "online banking" through ThreeJars.
- Mike, California (Parent)

ThreeJars is so much better than our old allowance system. We had a spreadsheet for keeping track of our money, but it never worked because my dad always forgot to pay us.
- A.J. from Connecticut (Child)

The thing that first got my attention about ThreeJars was that it filled a very big void - it offered a way to show the kids money trickling into their account, accomplished the ThreeJar concept, and kept track of their balances, making everything nice and neat
- Jessica, Illinois (Parent)

I like the flexibility it provides. As a parent I can add money, take money away, or changed distribution any time I see fit to do so.
- Cynthia, Kentucky (Parent)

I like ThreeJars because now I'm more in charge of my money. I can save for something i really want.
- H.F. from New York (Child)

The thing i like most are the investment options. This is critical learning for the kids.
- John, Massachusetts (Parent)

The runner-up for best feature is the communication capabilites. My kids love sending me notes and I love replying. The fact that I can respond to funding requests on my blackberry by simply typing "yes" or "no" is brilliant!
- Lilly, Washington (Parent)


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