Forget Piggy Banks, Try Three Jars

By Bag Snob Kelly on November 3, 2009 11:40 AM | 1 Comment


ThreeJars is an online piggy bank that tracks your tots allowance in a fun and interactive way. You set up an account for your tot and input the allowance amount. Your tot then decides how much to spend, save or share (to charity). You approve all the decisions before anything is done. All the money actually stays in your pocket, this just keeps track of it. But if he/she decides to buy gift cards as their form of spending, or share with ThreeJar's participating charities, the amount will be charged to your credit card. The "ATM" is actually you. But the program will calculate the amount saved with interest, which is a relief for me since math is not my strong suit =) I love this idea, I might use it for myself! The easy graphics allows you to see where all the money is going and hopefully encourage your tot to save more than spend. You can give incentives to save - my mom used to double my savings at the end of every year! I should ask her if she wants to start that up again now that the stakes are higher =) You can get entrepreneurial and have them use their spending on a lemonade stand to make even more money. You can start your own miniature business school. There are so many benefits to this system, the most important one being the ability to talk to your tot about money in a meaningful and understandable way. The fee for the entire family is $30 per year. Go to ThreeJars for a free trial.