Thursday, November 5, 2009

Three Jars Review & GIVEAWAY!

"Forget Piggy Banks - there is a better, more modern way to teach kids about handling money. The brand new online program, ThreeJars, teaches saving, spending and sharing - and makes it super easy for parents to track and manage their kid's allowance.

The service is extremely easy to use. Parents set the allowance limit for each child, and come payday, the site adds the new money to their total. It automatically keeps track of how much is owed and what has been paid. What's more, ThreeJars is a real mechanism for showing that money is a limited resource. And it goes beyond just cash for candy and clothes, by encouraging long-term saving and charitable giving."

$30.00 for yearly subscription.

I was set up with a free trial of Three Jars and I have to say I was very impressed. The site was easy to use, easy to understand, fast and visually appealing. Very professional looking as well! This is the type of online service that children can really learn long lasting lessons about money and finance. Your child starts off with say... 5 dollars. Then they split that money between the three jars labeled: Spend, Save, and Share. They can choose how much (by percentage) that they want to go in each jar. Then they can spend some, save some, and donate some of their allowance!

The Bottom Line: Three Jars definitely gets the seal of approval! A must for all parents with school age children.