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Parents Deposits, Kids Withdrawals, Kids & Money

Through Email or on!

I like the flexibility ThreeJars provides. As a parent I can
add money, take money away, or change distribution
any time I see fit to do so.
Cynthia (Parent), Kentucky

ThreeJars is flexible. Parents can deposit money from grandma,
birthday gifts or eyen babysitting through their web-enabled cell phones,
email or on the site. Although deposits are in the form of IOUs, they represent
real money that the kids can now learn from.

Parents can withdraw from the three jars at the click of a button too.
When the kids start-up with the "I wannas" use your cell phone, email
or the site to have the kids spend their money so they learn something.
Parents are not ATMs.

Keeping track of the family's finances has never been easier.
All the kid's money in one convenient and organized spot.

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