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This is the type of online service that children can really learn
long lasting lessons about money. A must for all parents with
school age children.
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Do you wish you were doing more to teach your child about money?
ThreeJars is your best opportunity.

Not only is payment and monitoring a breeze for you, but the kids
will experience lessons that guide them for life.

On ThreeJars:

  • Kids develop the right money habits early.
    Good habits take practice and reminders. ThreeJars makes it easy. Your child will practice earning,
    saving and using their own money - when you approve. Kids quickly realize they can't have it all
    and that's a good thing: because kids that have everything learn to value nothing.

  • Kids learn how money can work for them.
    As parents, we know it's hard to teach kids about the importance of saving. That's because kids
    need things now! When kids see interest accumulate daily, the tradeoff between saving and
    spending becomes ingrained.
  • Kids help others.
    By helping others, kids learn to say "thank you" for what they already have. Helping makes them
    feel good, strong, and builds self-esteem. By helping others they find they are really helping

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