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The Right Habits. Right Now!

The right money habits early on, make a big difference in your child's life.

Good habits take practice. ThreeJars makes it easy.
Your child will practice earning, saving and using their own allowance money - when you approve.

Your child will automatically save a portion of every IOU dollar
earned and learn about interest. When saving becomes a habit,
spending and borrowing are kept under control later.

Your child will visually track the tradeoff between spending and
saving. Daily, visual reminders teach kids how to delay gratification.

Your child will exercise your family's charitable values with their own
money. Charitable kids feel powerful and good about the difference
they make.

ThreeJars makes paying allowance a snap (whether linked to
chores or not). You can also encourage the entrepreneur in your
child by assigning (or your child requesting) projects around the
house for extra bucks.

Developing the right money habits is like brushing teeth:
start early,
make it part of the routine,
and give a few reminders.

ThreeJars is there for you.

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