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Kids & money, money for Kids, Kids allowance
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ThreeJars Makes Your Life Easier

Being a parent is rewarding. It's also a ton of work.
We're here to help.

ThreeJars instills in your child the money habits
you know they need and the values
you want them to have.

  • Easy to use : You're up and running in less than five minutes. From there, the kids learn through
    hands-on experience - when you approve.

  • Fun & effective: You'll find it fun to communicate with your children about money, and effective at
    helping them grow as people.

  • The right money habits: ThreeJars motivates kids to think about money in a new way. How it's
    "cool" to save, even fun to share, and how to spend wisely. The right habits early on, make all the

  • Always On: You're automatically notified of any child requests through mobile, email or on the site.
    Stay on top of it all through the click of a few buttons.

  • Anywhere Access: Manage the family's finances anywhere, anytime over the Web. All the
    children's money in one convenient, organized and secure spot.

  • Flexible: A service flexible enough to meet your family's unique way of doing things. Add money,
    take money away, or alter distributions with a click. Assign and monitor chores, projects and their
    payment easily.

  • Online: Technology has revolutionized the way our kids learn, purchase, communicate and
    entertain themselves. ThreeJars helps kids develop the online money skills they need to wisely
    deal with what's ahead.

  • Visual: ThreeJars has been designed to encourage healthy financial habits - and to make it easy
    for you to keep your family on track.

  • Safe: ThreeJars provides real-life experience without risk. Kids manage their own accounts, but
    financial decisions require your approval. And only a parent can communicate with their child, not
    friends, not even siblings. There is no sharing of personal information.

  • Secure: ThreeJars provides bank-level data security and industry-leading identity protection. Its
    security and privacy have been validated by VeriSign and the Better Business Bureau.

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